Collection: Dimensional Lumber #2 / S4S

Lumber cut to common sizes that meet construction grade requirements.  No. 2 lumber is the most common grade for framing. Lumber of this grade contains few defects, but knots are allowed of any quality as long as they are well spaced and do not exceed the size regulations.
  • S4S is an acronym for a board (lumber) that has the two faces planed and both edges milled or cut parallel. After 1924 construction grade lumber was in high demand and was dried and milled to a standard dimension. This is why a 2"x4" is really 1-1/2" x 3-1/2". Today S4S is only used when buying specific species of lumber that is rough sawn to the dimension requested. If you designate S2S, two surfaces are milled. S4S will have all four surfaces milled.
  • Our lumber is cut and milled to represent a grade #2 or better and like real lumber has knots and imperfections and may vary slightly in dimension like the real thing. We also provide Rough Sawn Lumber in a variety of soft and hardwood species.